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Distributor Spotlight- A Conversation with the President of Triple-S: Mr. Kevin Chow
on February 4 2024, 8:23 pm

    Q: How long have you been the President of Triple-S?

    A: Since April 2022

    Q: What do your “day to day” duties look like?

    A: Fortunately, I have an amazing team who handle most of the day to day work. My focus is on strategy and culture. I believe the most important goal for me is to help my people grow and succeed in their jobs and personal lives

    Daily, I am pulled into meetings from each department dependent on the subject matter. I have tried to build a collaborative environment so my team leaders communicate often together to assure cross pollination and collaboration. This helps provide a more informed team overall, so we better understand what is going on from a higher level and often we find more improvements we can work on.  

    Q:What is your favorite part of your job? 

    A: Working with amazing people who are passionate about the success of Triple S. We call ourselves a family, and it is well deserved in that we support each other the best we can. Do we have squabbles, yes. But that is because each are passionate about the overall success of the company and team members.

    Q: What is a hope you have for the growth or success of Triple-S?A: In a very unstable industry environment where consolidation and age demographics are challenging new Membership opportunities, Distributors selling their businesses, we are trying to position Triple-S to survive and thrive for another 60 years. I hope we build an environment for independent distributors who want to remain so and seek a place to work with like minded people to share best practices. A culture of collaboration and passion to help our Members businesses Prosper, by developing and delivering unmatched programs and support so distributors and  suppliers see us as the premier group of choice.

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