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Stingy Stains? Carpet Care Advice from our Expert Sheri Bilger at Misco Products
on March 4 2024, 2:16 am

    Imagine you are approaching a newly remodeled school media center on the first day of school; fully carpeted and squeaky clean. That “new carpet smell” ruminates through the air and faculty, staff, and community members are thrilled with the new space. Now, flash forward 6 months and post-recess library sessions have resulted in brown spots dotting the once-beaming carpet that is (still) brand new. How does a school conquer such an issue? How about area rugs when an elementary student spills their juice box during snack? Sheri Bilger, Northeast Account Manager of Misco Chemical Products has the right advice.

    If someone were to ask you what the main goal of carpet care was, would you guess “maintaining the longevity of the carpet?” or perhaps you would guess “overall hygiene”. Neither one would be right, in fact, according to Misco Products, who produce our in-house Triple-S brand of chemicals, carpet cleaning improves air quality through: reducing contaminants and allergens which overall improves worker health and reduces absenteeism (Misco, 2024). 

    Be on the lookout for our more comprehensive carpet care article in a future blog post, but for now, what can we do over a School Spring Break? While daily vacuuming is the number one way to keep a carpet appropriately cleaned, extracting spots is a project that custodians may want to prioritize while there are no students or staff in the building. 

    Using an enzyme cleaner to spot clean tough organic stains (like dirt stains from shoes), then using a carpet rinse to extract the whole carpet is an example of this type of Spring Break project. This is a practice that is recommended doing at least during the summers, “but up to once a quarter” according to Bilger. 

    If you are embarking on a carpet extraction journey this Spring- here are some key steps you can follow:

    • First, you can pretreat the spots with a spotter and a pre-spray (checkout the products below from the Triple-S line).
    •  After treating individual spots, you will use a carpet extractor to clean and deodorize the carpet with a carpet cleaner such as TRIPLE in the Triple-S line
    • Finally, you will restore the carpet to a neutral PH by rinsing the carpet with a rinse and neutralizer, such as Carpet Rinse Plus. 

    Don’t have an extractor? Not a project you can plan for this Spring break? Triple-S also produces an all purpose rinse-free spotter (vacuum over it after it dries) named N-CAPSUL-8 to pay a little extra attention to those pesky stains today. 

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