Beyond the Products

By Dave Vandeyar on May 7 2021, 3:24 pm

As you live your daily life, you continually come in contact with harmful germs and bacteria. Washing your hands and […]

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By Dave Vandeyar on September 23 2020, 2:16 am

In the past century, our scientific understanding of microorganisms, pathogens, and infectious diseases has increased by leaps and bounds. As […]

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By Daniel Josephs on May 10 2020, 1:05 pm

In 1964, a Swiss company created and patented an antimicrobial agent known as triclosan. Initially, medical personnel were the only […]

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By Dave Vandeyar on March 19 2020, 4:10 pm

Let’s get back to the basics. Everyone washes their hands but 99% of us are doing it improperly. In this […]

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